Working in partnership helps us have a much bigger impact on the lives of children and families than we would ever be able to achieve alone. We work with children, young people and families and organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector in order to achieve our vision.

With children, young people and families

undefinedWe aim for children, young people and parents to be actively involved in all aspects of our work from fundraising and shaping key decisions around the strategy of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families to designing research projects, training courses and services. Find out more about our current projects with young people. Find out more about our work with parents.

With other organisations


In collaboration with UCL, we run a number of postgraduate degree programmes focusing on child development, psychopathology and the treatment of mental health problems. UCL is among the world’s top universities, as reflected by performance in a range of international rankings and tables.


undefinedThe Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) is based at the Centre and aims to foster the effective and routine use of outcome measures in work with children and young people (and their families and carers) who are experiencing mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties. CORC collaborates and shares ideas with members, academic consultants and learning partners. 


undefinedThe Evidence Based Practice Unit (EBPU) is part of the Centre and UCL. It is a not for profit organisation committed to supporting mental wellbeing for children, young people and their families.  



TFSThe Centre established and sponsors the Family School London, a new alternative provision school for pupils aged 5- 14 years whose difficulties are beyond what can be coped with in mainstream schools. The school combines mental health support with education in the classroom and parents and carers are required to attend the lessons. 



 With UCL and Yale Child Study Center we run a 'Bridge Programme' that aims to exchange of scientific and clinical knowledge, learning and experiences. The Yale Child Study Center was founded in 1911 and since then it has been serving children and families from birth through adolescence. Its mission is to improve the lives of children and families through research, service, and training.