This is a prestigious strand of the Department of Health’s IAPTtherapist and boy2 (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) initiative. A key aim is to improve the effectiveness of psychological services for mental health disorders by embedding the necessary changes required into service culture. These changes are based on the following principles:

  • The workforce should be trained in evidence-based practice.
  • Young people can help to shape their local CAMHS services.
  • Outcomes should be monitored to ensure that the therapist is effectively supporting the young person in getting better.

 UCL and King’s College London have set up a formal consortium to deliver the London Child IAPT training, which is delivered to current Managers, Supervisors and Therapists of selected CAMHS services, which have formed a collaborative group for London and the South-East of England.

The  CYP IAPT initiative is delivered through three separate courses:

i.  CYP IAPT Therapy Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate

ii. CYP IAPT Management Postgraduate Certificate

(The Anna Freud Centre works closely with UCL and KCL to deliver both of these).

iii. CYP IAPT Supervision PG Certificate (delivered at KCL only).

Career prospects

The purpose of the course is to support the process of whole service change according to IAPT objectives.


“The experienced, knowledgeable, positive and focused tutors facilitated worthwhile discussion” CYP IAPT Therapist

 “It was extremely useful and thought provoking” CYP IAPT Therapist

How do I apply?

Please note applications for these courses can only be made directly from selected CAMHS services. For more information, please contact Sally Chan sally.chan@annafreud.org

Further information

CYP  IAPT Therapy PG Diploma

UCL Webpage

CYP IAPT Management PG Certificate

UCL Webpage



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