Mental Health in Schools

We offer a range of school-based services, training, consultation and resources. Much of this can be accessed through our Schools in Mind network.

  • CORC for Schools

    The Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) brings it's expertise into the school context to support schools in measuring the impact of mental health and well-being interventions using both student-reported well-being measures and academic engagement measures (such as attendance, attainment and behaviour).

  • Courses and Trainings for School Professionals

    Links to relevant Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families Trainings.

  • Multi-Family Groups in Schools

    We offer multi-family groups in schools for children with behavioural or emotional difficulties and their families. The groups are run jointly by mental health and school professionals.

  • Schools In Mind

    This network provides its schools members with solutions that promote the mental health and wellbeing of entire school communities.

  • Schools Outreach Therapy Service

    This school-based service is for children, young people and their families whose behavioural and emotional difficulties are impacting on their ability to learn. We offer highly accessible, non-stigmatising, therapeutic support.

  • SmartGym

    Our resilience training programme 'SmartGym' is an exciting technology-enabled model which teaches core life skills to young people struggling with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

  • The Family School

    The Family School is a specialist alternative provision for pupils aged 5-14 years who are seriously at risk of exclusion and are struggling to achieve. Parents are involved to improve the long-term outcomes for their children using the individual family and multi-family approach.