'Kids First' Workshops

  • Overview

    Parental separation and divorce are stressful experiences for the whole family. Often children are unintentionally caught up in acrimonious disputes between their parents, especially when these extend over a long period of time or result in contact with a parent being stopped. Kids First is a therapeutic group for families who want to reduce the impact of such disputes on children.

    The group is for families where one or more of the below issues are relevant:

    • There are disagreements or concerns about contact.
    • Contact with one parent has not taken place for a long time.
    • There are disagreements about where a child should live.
    • Parents want to protect their children from the impact that disagreement and/ or legal proceedings can have on them.
  • How we help

    'Kids First' is a multi-family group approach, involving up to 10 families together. Multi-family Therapy is an evidence based approach that has been found to help improve difficult family relationships.

    The group aims to lessen the negative impact that parental separation and on-going parental disputes can have on children by:

    • Helping parents find effective and non-conflictual ways of communicating with each other around parenting, their children’s needs and contact arrangements.
    • Helping families understand the changes they have undergone and move to a position where they can focus on the future.
    • Helping children communicate their wishes and feelings to their parents without worries about the impact this will have on relationships.
  • What is involved

    We are holding a series of evening introductory workshops at the Anna Freud Centre for both professionals and parents. The next workshops are on:

    • Wednesday, 3rd February 17:30 - 18:30
    • Wednesday, 10th February 17:30 - 18:30

    Prior to attending the group a meeting takes place with parents to help them think about how to talk with their child about attending, and agreeing ‘rules’ for participation. A meeting with each parent can take place in advance of a joint meeting where required.

    Following initial meeting(s) families may be invited to attend the ‘Kids First’ group, which consists of 6 evening sessions spread over the course of 4 months. Family members identify goals they would like to work towards at the beginning of the group and progress towards these goals is monitored. A brief report detailing families’ attendance at sessions and self-rated progress towards goals is provided at the end of treatment.

  • Cost

    Attendance at the introductory workshop and initial meetings are free of charge.

    Attendance at the series of six multi-family sessions is £300. This is a special introductory rate as it is the first time we are running the workshops at the AFC. We will be asking families to help us by providing feedback on their experience.

  • How to find out more

    For more information or to make a referral please contact Anna Kennett, Clinical Administration and Support Team Manager 

    Telephone: +44 (0)20 7443 2253

    Email: anna.kennett@annafreud.org

    Download the Kids First flyer here