• Research Project Team

    • Miranda Wolpert
    • Jessica Deighton



  • Background

    What’s-up is a guided self-management tool based on CBT principles to provide support and guidance with the aim of encouraging emotional wellbeing in adolescents. What’s-Up consists of an interactive on-line tool and 7 teacher-delivered lessons for years 7, 8 and 9 students. The 7 teacher-delivered lesson plans and allied worksheets have been produced that centre on mental health, and stress management and can be used with or without the use of the What’s-Up Portal.

    The web-based portal has 2 core components:

    1. A website with general information and psycho-education on ‘stress’, including how to understand and manage stress and is aimed at all young people not just those experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.
    2. An interactive area where adolescents can log-in to access content that will support and encourage them to manage their own emotions and behaviour.
  • Aims

    The project aims to evaluate the feasibility of What’s Up and the provision of the portal. The main research questions are:

    1. What does implementation of What’s Up look like in participating secondary schools?
    2. Is What’s-Up associated with improvements in the mental health and other associated outcomes (e.g., social relationships, academic engagement and attainment) for adolescents?
  • Methodology

    This is a mixed methods design comprising a quantitative and qualitative study.

    Quantitative study

    1 school is taking part in the quantitative part of the study and have access to What’s-Up for the 2015/2016 school year for all Year 8 students. They already completed a pre-intervention survey and they will complete the post-intervention survey in spring 2016.

    Comparisons will be made between these two time-points on the basis of Year 8 pupil's pre and post intervention scores on child mental health measures, school attendance and school attainment to evaluate the impact of the What’s-Up portal.

    Qualitative study

    1 school is taking part in a qualitative evaluation of the portal. Short interviews with students and teachers will be held in December, after teachers finish implementing the final What’s-Up lesson plan.