Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) and Mentalization

About this course

This course is for DIT practitioners and supervisors to expand and consolidate mentalization techniques in DIT. This will be achieved through the use of teaching, clinical illustrations and demonstrations as well as role plays.

The course will cover:

• Practical applications of mentalization based therapy techniques in DIT

• Recognising breaks in mentalization in patients

• Techniques for restoring mentalization in patients

• Mentalizing the transference in DIT

Who is this course suitable for?

Those psychotherapists, psychodynamic counsellors, mental health clinicians and other professionals who have completed the 4 day DIT course and have some experience of working with the model.

Aims of the course?

• To further develop mentalization techniques within the DIT framework

• To recognise the signs of non-mentalizing and when to introduce mentalization interventions in DIT

• To consolidate the “not knowing”, curious stance that is characteristic of DIT and Mentalization approaches to therapy