Alistair Cooper


Ali is a Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience of working in a specialist Looked After Children CAMHS service. Ali has a particular interest in translating theory to practice, and the science behind the implementation of programmes within different contexts. While working within his CAMHS LAC post, Ali co-developed an MBT Service for adolescents who self-harm. He has also worked in an MBT adult personality disorder team, running MBT groups.

Ali is currently a Site Consultant and Trainer at the National Implementation Service within the Michael Rutter Centre (the Maudsley Hospital ). Within this role he researches and implements evidence based and evidence informed programmes within local authorities across England, for young people on the edge of care or who are in care. Ali is leading on a video coaching programme which targets foster carer sensitivity.

Ali has co-written a parenting book based on principles underlying MBT and associated concepts, due for release in September 2015, along with Dr Redfern from the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. It is the first book written specifically for parents, which aims to translate the underlying principles of the theory into a guide to enhance parents’ sensitivity towards their children.

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