Camilla Rosan

Camilla Rosan


Camilla is a perinatal clinical psychologist and couple therapist by background and has been leading and teaching the International Training School of Infancy and Early Years (ITSIEY) since the beginning of 2016. Camilla combines her ITSIEY role with also working at the Mental Health Foundation where she leads a national portfolio of policy, research and programme development work relating to families, infants, children and young people. 
Across her clinical career she has held a range of therapeutic roles relating to perinatal and infant mental health. She has specific therapeutic training in video-feedback for positive parenting (ViPP-SD), cognitive behavioural therapy, compassion-focused approaches, emotion-focused couples therapy and mindfulness. Camilla retains an honorary clinical academic post at Imperial College London in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit, and has published extensively in perinatal and infant mental health with a specialist research interest in developing the field of couples- work from pre-conception across the transition to parenthood and beyond. 

A selection of recent published works:

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