Services for Professionals

We offer a range of services, training, consultation and resources that support professionals.


    AMBIT (Adolescent Mentalization Based Integrative Treatment) is an outreach approach for young people with severe and complex problems which offers an intervention with strong emphasis on initial engagement and supporting local adaptations.

  • Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI)

    CFTSI is a time-limited intervention provided shortly after difficult or upsetting events in order to prevent later problems developing.

  • Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC)

    CORC is a collaboration between child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) across the UK with the aim of instituting a common model of routine outcome evaluation and analysing the data derived.

  • Child Policy Research Unit (CPRU)

    CPRU aims to improve the health of children, young people and families by undertaking research to provide evidence for health policy and practice.

  • Early Years Parenting Unit

    This service works with parents with personality disorders or difficulties and their under five children who are subject to a Child in Need or Child Protection plan, or who are on the edge of care.

  • Multi-Family Groups in Schools

    This approach is designed to provide children and young people who may be at risk of school exclusion with therapeutic and psychological support. At the same time we work with their families to improve their relationships with their child and the school.

  • POD

    The POD web database is a way of collecting outcome measure data from both patients and staff.

  • Schools In Mind

    This network provides it's schools members with solutions that promote the mental health and wellbeing of entire school communities.

  • Schools Outreach Therapy Service

    This school-based service is for children, young people and their families whose behavioural and emotional difficulties are impacting on their ability to learn. We offer highly accessible, non-stigmatising, therapeutic support.

  • Specialist Assessment and Treatment Services

    We provide specialist services undertaking comprehensive assessments of children and families, many of whom are in public and private family law proceedings nationwide, and therapeutic work.

  • The Family School

    This service is a specialist alternative provision for pupils aged 5-14 years who are seriously at risk of exclusion and are struggling to achieve. Parents are involved to improve the long-term outcomes for their children using the individual family and multi-family approach.