Getting Started


Pod is purchased as an annual license which includes one POD project at a cost of £1000/year.

This price includes:

  • Any help/support/training required
  • Addition of any requested features
  • Addition of any new measures/questionnaires

Getting Started

For more information, a demo of the system, or to get started with POD, please email Thomas Fuggle (

If you wish to start using POD, we will just need the following information:

  • List of measures you would like to use (If you need measures that are not already built in we will ask you to provide a copy of it)
  • A name and email address of someone you wish to be the initial administrator of your project (this can be changed later, and additional administrators can be added)
  • The name you would like to give your project
  • A brief description of your project

We will then arrange to invoice your organisation and send out the contract for the license agreement.


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