POD - Overview


POD is a website where staff or patients can login and complete measures using any web enabled device (PC, Tablet Computer, Smartphone, etc).

The data is then sent via an encrypted connection to the POD database located on our servers.

The scores for any patient and measure are then calculated instantly, and are available to be viewed online by staff responsible for that patient.

The measure data for a particular patient, or an entire project, can be downloaded into a format compatible with Excel, or SPSS.

POD has a set of measures already built in, but we can also add any other measures that you may require.

Staff and patients have their own separate logins. This means that staff can complete measures for/with a patient, but they can also allow patients to login independently of staff and complete measures entirely on their own. Staff also have the ability to add backdated measure data into POD.


  • Both Staff and Patients have personal login accounts, allowing them to complete measures whenever they are scheduled
  • Data is instantly available for review after a measure is completed
  • Scores for completed measures can be viewed plotted against time to check patient progress (you can also allow patients to see their own scores on their account page)
  • Collected data can be exported at any time into a CSV file, compatible with Excel or SPSS, for further analysis
  • Add unlimited patients
  • Add unlimited staff
  • Add unlimited groups of measures
  • We can build in any questionnaire you need (some measures will require you to obtain copyright in order to use them)


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