Measuring Wellbeing in Schools Project

  • Overview

    Thanks to funding from the Big Lottery Fund, we are pleased to be able to offer 130 schools across England access to free support to measure pupil wellbeing, including:

    • Support in administering a consent process for participating pupils
    • Access to a secure, online survey – the Wellbeing Measurement Framework
    • Analysis of survey responses from your school, benchmarked with schools from other areas from the research team at University College London, the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and the University of Manchester.

    The Wellbeing Measurement Framework is a set of validated measures assessing pupil’s emotional wellbeing, mental health issues, coping strategies and risk and resilience factors.  Bespoke feedback reports will provide evidence of strengths and challenges, and help schools plan support.  The survey will be repeated annually over 2017-20, enabling schools to see change over time, and to gauge the impact of support they are providing.

    The survey data gathered will inform wider research to understand young people’s wellbeing so those working with them can improve the support that is provided

    Expressions of interest should be submitted by 13.10.2017


  • Express Interest in Participating

    Please complete and submit this electronic form to express interest in participating.  Expressions of interest must be submitted by 13 October 2017.

    Please note that in the event that we are oversubscribed, we will give consideration to

    • the ability and commitment to fully engaging with survey implementation over the full three year period
    • an appropriate spread of participants in terms of geography and type of school

    We will confirm arrangements with participating schools over the latter weeks of October and early November.

    The expression of interest form is light touch, however please note that to complete it you will need to provide information about the following

    • school contact details, including proposed School Lead for this project
    • the type of school, number of pupils on the school roll and number receiving free school meals
    • your ability to complete the steps in the Steps for Schools document
    • your commitment, including Headteacher authorisation and up to 200 words about how measuring wellbeing will add value in your school


  • Further Details

    For further details about the project, and what is involved for participating schools, please review:                      Further information for schools, Steps for Schools and Frequently Asked Questions.

    Some key points

    Timeframes: The overall project runs from September 2017 until the end of 2020. Surveys will take place annually starting in January 2018, however schools will need to do some preparation over the Autumn 2017 term.

    Who is eligible to participate?: Primary and Secondary schools are eligible to express interest in participating. Unfortunately the survey has not yet been adapted for pupils attending alternative provision or special schools. 

    What kind of feedback will we get?: Schools will receive a bespoke feedback report on a school-wide level in the September after the survey period, including a benchmark with other schools nationally. Further details are provided in Steps for Schools

    What input will be needed from the school?: Schools will need to identify a school lead able to coordinate some of the communication and activity around implementing the survey.  This will include communication with parents, providing basic background information about pupils who complete the survey, and making arrangements in the school for pupils to complete the online survey within the three month survey completion window.  There is full information in Steps for Schools.

    The research context: As well as being fed back to participating schools, the survey data gathered will be used to inform a wider research project (HeadStart).  Its aim is to understand young peoples’ wellbeing so those working with them can improve the support that is provided. This is a Big Lottery Fund project, with the research led by the Evidence Based Practice Unit - UCL and the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families in collaboration with Child Outcomes Research Consortium, the University of Manchester, and Common Room. This research has been approved by the UCL Research Ethics committee (UCL Ethics number: 8097/003).

    Data handling and confidentiality: All data provided will be treated as confidential. This means you will not be able to access information about the responses of individual pupils. There is further information about how we will maintain confidentiality in Further information for Schools.