Meet our Young Champions

Every month we will be shining a light on a different Young Champion, helping you get to know them that little bit better.

This month we have Young Champion Jummy.


Where are you from?   London

How old are you?   19

When did you start your Championing at AFNCCF?   2017

Why did you join as a Young Champion at AFNCCF? 

It would have to be my experiences of suffering from mental health issues, that drove me to become a Young Champion. When the opportunity was presented to me by my local participation I just couldn’t say no to the opportunity of using my experience & passion to make a difference in mental health on a regional level.

What has been the most meaningful activity you have participated in?   The London Debating Mental Health Competition

What would you say has been one key thing you have learnt, being a Young Champion?   More about mental health

What are your future ambitions?   To be happy

Can you us 1 fact about you that isn’t related to your work as a Champion?   I can’t roll my tongue

Any words of inspiration/wisdom you would like to share for future Young Champions??   "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" - spoke by Karim Seddiki