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Engaging With All Parents and Carers Booklet

Af Booklet 4 illustrations-06 - Copy.png

Research shows that if parents and carers are actively involved in their children’s learning and activities at school, they will be more likely to thrive both in terms of academic performance and in their general wellbeing. 

This booklet has been developed by teachers, clinicians and parents and carers, including the Centre’s Parent Champions, to explore a range of innovative ways that schools can help children by successfully engaging with parents and carers. It includes tips as well as case studies that show both parents’ and schools’ perspectives. Topics featured include "Building rapport with parents and carers", "Having difficult conversations with parents and carers" and "Managing your feelings".

The interactive version above includes videos, audio and extra links to trainings and resources.

You can also download the original pdf Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools: Engaging with all parents and carers booklet.


Please contact if you wish to order hard copies for your school or local authority.