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1 in 10 young people will go through periods of feeling emotionally unwell during any given year, but what do you do when this is your friend or relative?

We understand it can be hard to know what to do when someone you care about is going through a rough patch, so we have put together some tips and advice, with the help of Common Room and young people from mental health support group Hearts & Minds. 

Below is some information on how to talk to someone you're worried about, how to look after yourself during this time and how to seek help from an adult if you become seriously worried. In each section, you can read quotations that come directly from young people who have experience coping with similar situations.  You can view the tips on the images or by using the drop-down below each image if you're low on data.  You can also download a free pdf version of the tips below.

Download a PDF of this information (recommended for screen readers or to print).

Access the Youth Wellbeing Directory

This section was developed by Common Room and young people from mental health support group Hearts & Minds.

More info

A Young Champion, Rachel, provides some advice on how to support a friend struggling with their mental health. 

The Lingo booklet was co-produced by a Young Champion, Amy, and staff at the Centre and provides insights in to the experiences of young people when talking to adults and professionals about their mental health.  You can view and download Lingo by clicking on the image below: