What is the Anna Freud Learning Network?

The Department of Health awarded the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families a three year strategic development grant in 2016, part of which was used to establish the Anna Freud Learning Network.

The Anna Freud Learning Network brings together the best in practice and the latest in policy.  It is a space to share learning and expertise and to collaborate to develop new ways of working.

The Anna Freud Learning Network aims to;

  • Build communities of practice across the United Kingdom
  • Lead training and peer-to-peer learning events
  • Disseminate the latest research and best practice approaches
  • Share expertise on outcome measurements
  • Test and roll-out innovation in children’s mental health
  • Link-up academics, practitioners and policymakers
  • Highlight the experiences of children and families
  • Connect similar individuals and organisations to share best practice

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Who is the Anna Freud Learning Network for?

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