Parenting and multi-family groups

Multi-family Groups in Schools

Multi-family groups in schools model offers accessible, non-stigmatising, psychological support to children who are disruptive, hyperactive, impulsive, anxious, depressed, have erratic school attendance or experience social difficulties. The aim is to improve emotional, mental health-related and academic outcomes for children and young people with these complex problems by sharing experiences with other families.

For all enquiries and referrals to Schools, please contact Eleanor Joscelyne, Clinical Administrator.


Telephone: 07436 702 974

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Reflective Parenting Groups

The reflective parenting group is an eight week programme which offers a highly collaborative approach for parents in order to promote family relationships, sensitive parenting and reduce the number of conflicts, bringing about behavioural changes and greater harmony. The core thread of the programme is to promote mentalizing in parents (i.e. the ability of a parent to understand the thoughts, feelings and needs of both themselves and their children).


Telephone: +44(0)207 794 2313

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No Kids in the Middle (NKITM)

No Kids in the Middle is a multi-family group approach, involving up to 6 families together. The group runs across 9 consecutive Tuesday evenings. Families with similar difficulties come together, sharing problems and solutions, and can learn new ways of communicating and solving problems through group activities as well as discussion.

For all enquiries and referrals to NKITM, please contact Heather Mayall, Clinical Support Officer 


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7794 2313

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