Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Who We Help

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy offers specialised therapeutic assessments and treatments for children from around three years of age into adolescence. We provide support to children experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Psychosomatic symptoms
  • Problems in relationships with peers and significant others.
  • Struggling to cope with significant life events such as divorce, adoption, bereavement or other potentially traumatic life experiences.

Another important part of our work is to support parents to help you make sense of your child’s behaviour and to think about the impact these problems may be having on the whole family, as well as providing an opportunity to explore different possibilities in parenting.

The service allows individuals to get support and advice from a team of experienced child and adolescent psychotherapists, psychologists and allied health professionals.

To be eligible for this service it is recommend that you live within a 45 minute journey from the Centre.

How We Help

Sometimes emotional problems can get in the way of a child’s development which could start as behavioural difficulties at school or at home, or they might become anxious, sad or depressed. Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy offers a number of therapeutic interventions to treat emotional distress and behavioural issues.

Thinking and talking with a therapist about their troubled thoughts and feelings can help children to put their experiences into words rather than acting on them. They are helped to make sense of their experience and to develop their potential in relationships and at school. The length and frequency of treatment will vary depending on the specific needs of your child; it can last from a few meetings over a period of weeks to regular weekly sessions over a number of years.


How to Find Out More

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