Family Ties - Online Therapy for Parents in Conflict

This intervention is ran by our specialist Contact and Residence Dispute team  who have developed a therapeutic model to help families where children are caught in the middle of their parents' acrimony and have many years working with families where there are high levels of conflict among parents.

The Family Ties Online Therapy is for children who are being adversely affected by their parents’ high-conflict relationship. Parental conflict may or may not be a result of/ exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, associated stressors, and lockdown conditions. The parents may be living under the same roof or they may be separated. The intervention focuses on the child’s experience and supports children throughout lockdown and beyond by working with their parents, and their parents support network, to:

  • Minimize the negative impact of conflict on their child(ren) 
  • Gain further understanding of their conflict and stressors (including understanding and managing different cultural expectations) in order to find more effective ways to co-parent 
  • Build coping strategies in order to help them manage the stress associated with conflict, further reducing the impact of conflict on the child
  • Reduce anxiety and loyalty conflicts for the child 
  • Protect the child against the possibility of their relationship with one parent breaking down as a result of parental conflict

Making a referral

We accept referrals to this programme directly from parents, or through a third party such as healthcare professionals, social workers or GPS. In order to make a referral, the following criteria must be met:

  • There is a need for support to reduce the impact of parental conflict on child(ren) (children can be any age)
  • There is no ongoing domestic abuse or parental substance abuse or child protection concerns/ investigations (this is because we are unable to provide sufficient safeguarding monitoring in such situations via remote intervention)
  • There are no ongoing proceedings in the family courts (families in ongoing proceedings usually require a more intensive intervention)
  • If it is the case that the parents are separated, both parents have contact with the child(ren) (where contact with one parent has broken down completely a more intensive intervention is usually required)
  • Parents accessing the programme can be together or separated/ divorced
  • There is no current domestic abuse  


To make a referral, please click here and complete our online referral form