Specialist Trauma and Maltreatment Service (STAMS)

Our Specialist Trauma and Maltreatment Service (STAMS) offers clinical services, innovates new practice, and works with professionals, particularly where children have suffered abuse or neglect and developmental trauma.  We are a project-based service, working to build resilience and we focus on improving the child-parent/carer relationship stability. Our projects in STAMS include:

LEAF – a multi-family group intervention for adoptive families

Post adoption support – specialist assessment and a range of mentalization based interventions for children and families

Reflective Fostering – a community-based psychoeducation group for foster carers across England

Reflective Parenting – a mentalization based group intervention for parents

MBT-C – parent and child mentalization based short term intervention; following assessment are offered up to 3 ‘blocks’ of 12 sessions

MBT-F- mentalization based treatment for families

Contact and Residence Disputes  (CRD) – an assessment and therapeutic approach to working with families where children are caught between parental conflict and disputes.

Mental health assessments for children in care – a DfE commissioned nationwide project introducing a new framework for the assessment of mental health of children entering care

Court assessment service – a multidisciplinary team approach to assessments for courts of children on the edge of care or in care proceedings