The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has created the Youth Wellbeing Directory to help anyone up to the age of 25 find mental health and emotional wellbeing advice and support more easily. The website also provides a selection of useful mental health information and resources for young people.

Whether you’re a young person looking for help for yourself or for someone you know, or whether you’re a teacher trying to help a student find support, the Youth Wellbeing Directory provides a list of local and national organisations alongside useful mental health information.

The information on this site provides a starting point to finding the right help for you or others. We also know that support is not one size fits all, so use this site as often as you need to, to find services that are the best fit for you.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families would like to acknowledge our partners in originally developing this site: Cernis, Common Room, CORC and Youth Access.

The Centre annually checks the service information regarding any services listed on the Youth Wellbeing Directory.  We also regularly prompt service providers to update this information to verify that their service details remain accurate. Each service description page displays the last updated date so that users can see when the content was last reviewed.  Even with these checks, the sole responsibility of content posted on the directory remains with the person who originated such content. Please see the Youth Wellbeing Directory Terms of use.