Parents Panel

We hold regular Parents' Panels for our Parent Champions to get together and share their expertise, guidance and advice on a wide range of projects and services across the Centre.

We are very lucky to have a wonderful group of mums and dads who give their time to help us shape how we work as an organisation. Our Parents' Panel meet every six weeks, and our members have been involved in activities such as:

• Participating in the recruitment of clinical staff at the Centre
• Co-developing information sheets and consent forms for mental health research projects
• Applying for funding to take forward and generate community led co-production projects
• Reviewing the development of policies and procedures at the Centre
• Engaging in consultations and focus groups for new mental health services.

All Parent Champions are welcome to attend our Parents' Panel meetings. They are a great way to meet new parents as well as support the Centre. 

You can join the Parents' Panel by signing up as a Parent Champion




Have a project or service focused on child and adolescent mental health?

Do you run a project or service that you would like to discuss with our Parents' Panel, to gain an insight into the parent perspective? If so, get in touch to see if our Parents Panel can help you develop your project or service. Email for more information.