School Eligibility

We have recruited mainstream schools to take part in our programme. 

This includes comprehensive schools, independent schools, mixed schools and single sex schools.


  • SEN schools, Pupil Referral Units, or alternative provision settings.

    The model of the interventions and the framework of the evaluation has been developed for mainstream schools and its validity has not yet been tested with pupils in other settings. We do hope to be able to extend our work to alternative settings in the future.

  • Middle schools, sixth forms and colleges.

    Our programme is for pupils in years 7, 8, and 9. Pupils will complete their final research survey over a year after they complete their first one, so it is important that the pupils taking part are still at your school within two years of them starting the project.
  • Schools that have already participated in a research trial involving one of the interventions
    (Mindfulness, Relaxation, Strategies for Safety and Wellbeing, Youth Aware of Mental Health, or The Guide).

    In order for our research team to analyse accurately the effectiveness of each different intervention, it is important that the interventions are new to all schools in the programme.
  • Schools with fewer than three classes/60 pupils per year group.

    In order for our research analysis to be of sufficient quality, we require participating schools to have at least three classes/60 pupils in the year group(s) participating in the programme.

  • Schools likely to undergo structural changes or change in leadership over the next year.

    Structural changes or changes in leadership are likely to interfere with a school's capacity to commit to the requirements of the programme, including the ability to send staff on training and coordinate completion of research surveys.