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Child Attachment Interview Training

The Child Attachment Interview (CAI) course provides a good grounding in the use and application of the instrument to assessing and understanding attachment in middle childhood.

The training is designed to familiarise participants with the method and covers both administration and coding of the CAI. Participants completing the CAI training component will gain a good understanding of how to administer and code interviews and this knowledge may be useful as a framework for understanding children’s attachment difficulties. This course does not provide certification as a reliable CAI coder and this may be required if the CAI was to be part of a formal and rigorous assessment, both for research or clinical purposes.

To become an accredited CAI coder you will need to complete a second phase of training to ensure reliability which is undertaken separately and includes the additional coding of 30 interviews provided by Yael Shmueli-Goetz, the course leader. We are in the process of creating new teaching materials for this, to comply with new data protection regulations, and we hope to be able to offer an updated version of the reliability training in the future.