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Dynamic interpersonal therapy for moderate to severe depression: A pilot randomized controlled and feasibility trial.

Anyone may use this link to download and read the article. Please do not save, make available, or circulate, any copy of the article or PDF.

Authors:- Fonagy, P., Lemma, A., Target, M., O'Keeffe, S., Constantinou, M. P., Ventura Wurman, T., Luyten, P., Allison, E., Roth, A., Cape, J., & Pilling, S. (2019). 

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy as experienced by young adults

Authors:- Cajsa Landström, Lisa Levander & Björn Philips

Development of dynamic interpersonal therapy in complex care (DITCC): a pilot study

Authors:- Amra S Rao, Alessandra Lemma, Peter Fonagy, Marta Sosnowska, Matthew P Constantinou, Malgorzata Fijak-Koch & Gilla Gelberg

 DIT and Older People 2018

  • We've seen encouraging results using DIT with Older People. Here's an article published in April 2018 in the Faculty for Psychology of Older People quarterly:

Wilson, C & Esposito, M (2018). Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy and Older People, Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty of the Psychology of Older People, no 142, 49-52.

DIT articles:

  • Clients’ experiences of dynamic interpersonal therapy (DIT): opportunities and challenges for brief, manualised psychodynamic therapy in the NHS by Venetia Leonidaki, Alessandra Lemma & Imogen Hobbis
  • Dynamic interpersonal therapy in an NHS tertiary level specialist psychotherapy service by Angela Douglas, Nicky Ablett-Tate & Nicola Chadd

Funded place on DIT for London-based IAPT staff:

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families is offering fully funded places for London-based IAPT staff on Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy training (DIT). 

The next scheduled DIT training is taking place on 16th - 20th March 2019.

IAPT staff are required to attend the five-day training and commit to sixteen hours of supervision with a minimum of two DIT training cases. This is typically structured as half an hour supervision per patient over sixteen sessions. In addition, four additional tape recordings will need to be submitted for rating. Please visit DIT for more details and the application form.

If you or your colleagues would like to attend please send the full application form to as soon as possible. 

Please note: funded places will be distributed on a first come – first serve basis so we encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.