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    Foundation in infant mental health: Parenting in the perinatal period

    About this course

    This course explores the foundations of infant mental health, through the parent-infant relationship during the perinatal period.  We consider and discuss how parental childhood and perinatal experiences, mental health and identity inform the parent or carer’s relationship with the child aged 0-2.  In particular, we focus on the impact of this on the infant’s mental health and development, applying a cultural, attachment-trauma-informed approach.  We emphasise ways in which we can keep the baby’s experience and communications at the centre of our minds, as well as considering the parent’s or carer’s experience and the family around the child. 

    Through this lens of the parent-infant relationship and the interface between parent and infant mental health, we aim to develop knowledge, understanding and ways of working with perinatal families.  We will also consider how as services, clinicians and practitioners, we can adapt our practice so as not to exclude families.  

    The course is holistic in approach and draws on the latest research and clinical practice in attachment theory, neuroscience, psychoanalysis and mentalisation.  Tutors will include clinical case studies and video clips of parents/carers and infants, to illustrate an applied approach of the theory and research findings to working with families during the perinatal period.

    The course can be booked as four full days or individual days can be booked separately. Please refer to the timetable for more information about each of the days. If you are booking an individual day, please specify the Day number you wish to be booked onto during the booking process.

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    Dr Zack Eleftheriadou

    Dr Zack Eleftheriadou

    Chartered Counselling Psychologist

    Courses this tutor is involved in Supervision in the Early Years

    Nicola Labuschagne

    Parenting Interventions Lead in the Early Years Parenting Hub

    Courses this tutor is involved in Supervision in the Early Years