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5-day dynamic interpersonal therapy - About this course

Providing psychoanalytically/dynamically-trained practitioners with a structure for time-limited therapy. 

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It is intended as a CPD course to hone the skills of already established psychodynamic practitioners so as to enable them to deliver an effective brief psychodynamic intervention for the treatment of depression.

In order to become a DIT practitioner trainees are required to attend the 5-day training and pass the role play (step one), successfully complete supervision (step two) and pass a case study (step three).

The course is British Psychoanalytic Council accredited.

Breakdown of fees:

£4,650 per person for training, supervision, case study and rating of tapes with the following breakdown:

  • £1,500 for 5-day training (including the role play)

  • £2400 for 16 hours of supervision (two cases) at £150 per hour

  • £600 for four tape assessments at £150 per hour

  • £150 for case study

Applications for 2024 are now open. Please submit your application to before our application deadline on Friday 2nd February 2024

Please see the section below for details on how to apply. 

Applicants from NHS Talking Therapies services may qualify for a fully funded place on this training. Please contact your service lead or to find out whether your service has been allocated a funded place by HEE.