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    Psychoanalysis and Clinical Practice Training

    A course on psychoanalytic ideas and how these apply to clinical work with infants, children and adults.

    About this course

    The Anna Freud Centre is offering this course to professionals who are interested in psychoanalytic ideas, and how these may apply to their clinical work with infants, children and adults.

    The course will be divided into two sections. The first will provide a developmental view on mental functioning and behaviour, and the second will focus on the clinical process. The final seminar will look at the interface between psychoanalysis and attachment.  

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    Carol Broughton

    Carol Broughton

    Child and adolescent psychotherapist

    Courses this tutor is involved in Parent-Infant Relational Assessment Tool - PIRAT Global Scales Training

    Dr Alejandra Perez

    Programme Director, MSc Early Child Development and Clinical Applications