About this course

This year’s FAS conference focuses on working with young people aged 10-15 who have experienced trauma. 


The aims of the conference are to look at the difficulties experienced both by this age group and the difficulties facing professionals working with these young people.  The conference will offer a developmental perspective and help delegates to think about ways of engaging this age group and how to work to stabilise their family relationships and  home environments.  The conference will focus on how to work towards repairing the trauma and promoting future resilience.

  •  Building Resilience and Repairing Neglect - working with the forgotten 'children' aged 10-15
  • Working with trauma and complexity (domestic violence and neglect)
  • Assessment for treatment and options
  • Evidence base for working with young people who've had a lifetime of neglect
  • Age group 10-15 - Outreach - how do you connect? Treatment within social services, family based work, parenting work, protective factors.
  • Safeguarding young people.

Who is this conference suitable for?

Social workers, Children Guardian's and allied mental health professionals.

 Aims of the conference

  • To help understand and promote resilience in the 10-15 year old group
  • To improve engagement with this age group
  • To understand the attachment issues in early to mid-adolescence
  • To consider the impact of chronic trauma on the young adolescent