About this course

The CYP IAPT Audit workshop will run on Tuesday 9th June, and will present and discuss the findings from the staff, young people, and parent and carers in the 12 CAMHS partnerships who participated in the a deep dive audit. The aim of the audit was to look at the impact of the CYP IAPT programme and inform future planning. It’s work included the collection of the following data:

• Interviews/focus groups with children and young people (n=45) who received care in the last year and /or involved in participation groups - undertaken by GIFT

• Interviews/ focus groups with parents/carers (n=43) who received care in the last year and/or are involved in participation- undertaken by YoungMinds

• Staff surveys o CYP IAPT bespoke survey questionnaire for completion by staff across the partnership (n=360) o Organisational Social Context measure-University of Tennessee CAMHS Research Centre for completion by 80% of staff in defined teams within the partnership (min of 1 to 2 teams per partnership) (n=260)

• Staff interviews with 5 to 10 staff members in each partnership (therapists, supervisors, service leads/managers and commissioner) (n=88)

• Data extraction from local collated CAMHS datasets