Two hours

About this course

Although there are many kinds of psychological help and services for children who experience trauma, these are usually not available for children in low-income countries such as those exposed to war conflict, ethnic violence, displacement, natural disasters and extreme deprivation.

The objective of the World Awareness for Children in Trauma ( is to develop a comprehensive model of psychosocial support that can be used by charities and other centres in low-income countries.


Panos will share experiences, testimonies and lessons from the first phase of the programme that involved visits in seven countries in Africa, Asia and South America, to deliver training workshops, research and network-building. It will be highlighted how innovative practice can emerge from extremely difficult circumstances, through working with agencies for children victims of ethnic violence and displacement in Kenya, orphanages in Pakistan and Indonesia, slums in India, and favelas in Brazil. The next phase and vision of the programme will be discussed. TheĀ Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families is a key partner of WACIT.