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About this course

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The aim of Strategies for Safety & Wellbeing (SSW) is to help pupils to think about how they can develop safe coping behaviours as well as identify and access appropriate support networks if they need to.

Teachers of school classes receiving SSW will be trained in the intervention during a half-day face-to-face training course delivered by developer Dr. Rina Bajaj.

The training will focus on covering the psychoeducational content of an 8-week session plan as follows:

(1)         Safe to talk about mental health, part 1
(2)         Safe to talk about mental health, part 2
(3)         What is ‘safe’ and how do you know if you’re not
(4)         Early warning signs: feelings
(5)         Early warning signs: thoughts
(6)         Who could you speak to?
(7)         Being safe in friendships and relationships (including bullying)
(8)         Safe ways of managing stress

Training will last for half a day. Tea and coffee will be provided but lunch is not included.