2 hours

About this course

Professor Susan Michie

DPhil, CPsychol, FBPS, FAcSS, Director, UCL Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London

Seminar Outline

Interventions to change behaviour have had modest and variable success.  To some extent, this reflects limitations in the scientific methods we use to study and change behaviour.  Interventions are complex in that they are usually made up of several interacting component behaviour change techniques (BCTs).  In order to improve interventions, we need to be able to identify the effective BCTs within complex interventions and understand their mechanisms of action.  This talk will present BCT Taxonomy v1, a method for specifying interventions in terms of their BCTs using standardised terms and definitions developed by cross-disciplinary and international consensus.  

The talk will present a method for designing effective interventions, starting with a model of behaviour (COM-B) which allows an analysis of the target behaviour in context. This model forms the “hub” of the Behaviour Change Wheel, which integrates 19 frameworks of behaviour change into 9 intervention functions and 7 policy categories.  The talk will show how this can be used to develop population- based interventions, selecting intervention functions, relevant BCTs and policies to support their implementation.