About this course

Depression effects more than 80,000 children and young people in the UK every year, yet two-thirds of those will never receive any kind of professional help.

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For the past three years, the Anna Freud Centre has been working with young people in London on a major research study exploring the experience of depression in adolescence. Working with a group of young people from the study and a team of professional film-makers, the Centre has now produced two short films:

  1. Facing Shadows: A short animated film, made by young people about their experiences of depression and going to therapy
  2. Journey Through the Shadows: A short film, made by parents, about their experiences of supporting the children through depression.

Our film premiere at the National Film Theatre on July 13th will be an opportunity to see the films for the first time, in order to raise awareness about depression in young people, and to highlight some of the work that the Centre is doing to ensure that young people get the information they need to access professional support.