About this course

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This seminar will discuss work conducted by Dr. Young over the past 15 years that has focused on the prevention of adolescent depression using Interpersonal Psychotherapy-Adolescent Skills Training (IPT-AST). IPT-AST is a group-based, preventive intervention for adolescent depression that can be delivered in a variety of settings, including school and primary care. IPT-AST is based on interpersonal psychotherapy, an evidence-based treatment for adolescent and adult depression. The focus of the intervention is on teaching communication skills and interpersonal problem-solving strategies to improve relationships and prevent the development of depression. The seminar will provide participants with an overview of IPT-AST, evidence of the need for depression prevention based on screening data from school and primary care settings, and data from several studies that have implemented IPT-AST in schools and, more recently, primary care. Additionally, Dr. Young will discuss lessons learned from developing IPT-AST and conducting prevention work in community settings.

Who is this course suitable for?

This seminar is open to anyone interested in the topic, but it will be of particular interest to those using the IPT model.

Aims of the seminar

1.    To familiarize attendees with IPT-AST
2.    To provide an overview of screening data that highlights the need for depression prevention efforts
3.    To discuss the data on IPT-AST including impact on depression and anxiety symptoms, depression diagnoses, interpersonal functioning, overall functioning, and school-related outcomes; additionally, attendance and satisfaction data will be reported.