1.5 hours

About this course

The Anna Freud Centre would like to invite you to 'Protecting children: creating safety in uncertainty'.

Join Professor Eileen Munro and Dr Peter Fuggle as they explore a range of issues around the processes of child protection, including the potential misuse of child protection systems and how this can lead to disempowerment of children and families.


Their conversation will also cover the conditions needed to enhance psychological safety for children, parents and workers during child protection processes, as well as their concerns about the misuse of evidence -based practice.

Following a discussion of about 20-30 minutes, the audience will have an opportunity to raise questions and to further develop these themes and issues.

This event is invitation only and will follow Chatham House Rules.

Professor Eileen Munro is a national expert in child protection and has been highly influential in her work around improving the skills and practice of frontline social workers, as exemplified in 'The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report'.

Dr Peter Fuggle is Head of Programme for Clinical Services at the Anna Freud Centre. He has worked for over 30 years as a clinical psychologist in services for children with disability and in child mental health services. His principal interest is in trying to work out how to create services that are genuinely helpful and accessible to children.

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