1.5 hours

About this course

The “So What?” seminar series aims to build the bridge between evidence and practice in child mental health by asking "So what does this mean for policy and practice?" in response to research findings, project outcomes, and the work of our collaborators.

There has been a recent drive towards measuring children and young peoples’ mental health outcomes. However, what does the evidence tell us about practitioner views of it and do we need more?


During the first in the “So what?” seminar series, we will explore the findings from a recent qualitative study, focusing on practitioners’ attitudes to the use of outcome measures in their service and with their patients. We will discuss why this study is relevant and what it means for both research and clinical practice. Two of the authors, Evelyn and Vinita, will provide unique perspectives from both a clinician’s and a researcher’s point of view, discussing their involvement in the research, the impact it has had on their work, and why they chose a qualitative study for this particular project.