1.5 hours

About this course

The “So What?” seminar series aims to build the bridge between evidence and practice in child mental health by asking "So what does this mean for policy and practice?" in response to research findings, project outcomes, and the work of our collaborators.


We are pleased to announce that the next CORC and EBPU “So What?” seminar features a debate between Peter Fonagy and Miranda Wolpert on the use of recovery as an indicator of outcome in child mental health.

For the purposes of this debate, *recovery is understood as change in the severity of symptoms from above a given or clinical threshold before treatment, to below that threshold following treatment. This is considered to be the most appropriate definition for this discussion and aligns the debate with the latest findings of an upcoming report on child and parent- reported outcomes from children and young people’s mental health services.

Following the presentation of arguments for and against, this debate will be opened up to the audience for contributions to this very relevant and important discussion.

This debate will be of interest to mental health practitioners, service leads, researchers, commissioners and anyone with an interest in the development and improvement of children and young people’s mental health services.

What do you think? Tell us whether you are for or against the motion, along with a reason for your opinion. Once you book on, a poll will be sent out to you to ask for your opinion. These will be shared anonymously during the debate.