2 hours

About this course

This meeting is for:

  • Commissioners of children and young people’s mental health services;
  • Commissioners of adult mental health services;
  • Service leads for CCG commissioned young people’s mental health services – from which young people transition to CCG commissioned adult services (AMHS or other services) or primary care;
  • Service leads for CCG commissioned adult mental health services and other CCG commissioned adult services – who will ‘receive’ young people from young people’s mental health services.

It would be helpful if each area, could send a representative who has responsibility for commissioning children’s mental health services, a representative who has responsibility for commissioning adult mental health services and a representative of the CCG commissioned CAMHs service (sending service) and CCG commissioned AMHS service (receiving service).

The aims of the meeting are to review:

  • Current planning across the region in respect of transitions for young people accessing commissioned CAMHS services – and what further work would be helpful to carry out to ‘update and assure’ commissioners on local implementation of the joint plan (submitted in July 17) – to be submitted end Oct 2017;
  • Information that sending and receiving providers need to ‘Audit’, in respect of young people’s preparedness and support for transition, as part of the quarter 4 Audit that will take place during Jan-March 2018 – and to review with providers how they might take this forward. It will aim to provide an opportunity to clarify those areas where there may be ambiguity – and to develop a shared understanding of these across agencies now so as to support the effectively delivery of the Audit during Jan-March 2018.
  • It will also provide an opportunity to ‘future proof’ the Audit – ie to review with those sending and receiving services, what they would find it helpful to be included within an Audit in the future.
  • It will provide an opportunity to review across agencies, issues around the ‘implementation’ of the pre and post transition survey for young people – prior to consultation on the survey with young people.

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