23rd July 2019


The Kantor Centre of Excellence, 4 - 8 Rodney Street, London, N1 9JH Map
1.75 hours
17:15 - 19:00




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This talk will begin by explaining why it is that psychological therapies need radical rethinking. Despite the investment of considerable time and resources in research and treatment development, the painful truth is that outcomes studies show that the effectiveness of psychological therapies has not increased over the last forty years. There are other causes for concern: the validity and usefulness of diagnostic criteria are increasingly under question, leading to fundamental questions about treatment decisions.

Meanwhile, the prevalence of psychological distress, particularly among our children and young people, is the subject of growing public concern: parents and families, clinicians and communities are all too frequently aware of the extent to which the need for help still remains unmet. The problem is complex and multifaceted.

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Peter Fonagy’s talk will set out a new approach to mental disorder, involving a major shift in how we view the role of the social environment in understanding what mental disorder is, how we should treat it, and how we can promote resilience in children and young people. We cannot expect anyone, and especially young and vulnerable people, to maintain their capacity for balanced mentalizing and cooperative social learning and functioning in a relentlessly non-mentalizing social system.

Transforming psychological therapies must involve a new approach to the role played by social systems in either supporting or undermining the well-being of the individuals within them.  


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