2 hours

About this course

We are pleased to present a workshop on cutting-edge research currently being conducted by a cross-European network on digital mental health interventions for young people called TEAM. The TEAM network focuses on the design, development and evaluation of new technology enabled mental health services.

Attendees will hear a presentation on the current evidence base in youth mental health technologies and have the opportunity to be part of a workshop to explore three key questions:

  1. How do you currently work with young people?
  2. What are your views on technology enabled mental health interventions?
  3. What are the challenges and limitations of using technology in interventions?

There is so much great expertise in the Centre, and we would really appreciate hearing your views as they will greatly add to our PhD studies.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Franziska,

You only need to bring your thoughts, and we’ll meet you with tea, coffee, snacks, and lively discussions.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This seminar/workshop is primarily aimed at mental health practitioners who are actively working with young people, but everyone with a background in youth mental health is welcome.