2 - 3 days

About this course


Mantalization-Based Treatment for Families training will take place in Barcelona on 1st - 2nd October 2015 (Basic training) and 5th October 2015 (Reflective day).

The training will be delivered in English with Spanish translators so is appropriate for Spanish speaking delegates.

The basic element of this course will cover the theory and research base of mentalization-based therapy with families, with an introduction to some of the core clinical skills used in MBT-F. The primary focus will be on the clinical practice of MBT-F. The advanced element of this course will allow intensive practice of a wider range of MBT-F techniques, games and activities, under the supervision of MBT-F trainers and members of the Anna Freud Centre MBT-F team. The training will also cover ways of measuring a clinician’s adherence to the MBT-F model and will introduce a measure for assessing Mentalizing within a family. There will be consideration given to linking formulation with intervention and opportunities given to practice these skills on the day.

Please note that this is a different course to Peter Fonagy & Anthony Bateman's Mentalization Based Therapy training. MBT-F is one of a number of emerging adaptations of MBT. It focuses on the application of mentalizing ideas to work with families, and will be of greatest relevance to those who already work therapeutically with children and families. Peter Fonagy & Anthony Bateman's MBT course focuses on application of mentalizing ideas to work with adults, and in particular adults with BPD (read more).

Who is this course suitable for?

Applicants should have a mental health qualification e.g. psychology, counselling, psychiatry, nursing, social work, and should have experience of working therapeutically with people with families. The course assumes prior experience of therapeutic work with children and/or families and does not provide an introduction at this level.

Aims of the course?

The aim of the course is to provide mental health professionals with an introduction to the Mentalization Based Therapy for Families (MBT-F) model, and how to apply the approach to children and their families with a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

How to book?

If you would like to book a place please e-mail

Price: 550€ (basic training), 260€ (reflective day)