13th January 2021


Online (joining instructions will be shared with registrants close to the event)
90 minutes
18:00 - 19:30



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About this course

A webinar series (five in total – which can be attended as a block or as individual events , for people from a range of professional backgrounds, or none, who are interested in the challenge of working with people whose needs are multiple, whose help-seeking is unconventional, who are often excluded, marginalised, stigmatised and who present with risk and attract complex multi-agency networks of care that often, in spite of best intentions, struggle to create and deliver coherent, containing, effective help. 

The fifth seminar covers how a team can face the challenge of adapting what it provides to suit the needs of the patient, and the changes that always batter workers in hard pressed frontline posts.  How do we become and sustain ourselves as a “Learning organisation”? How do we implement and sustain the changes that make sense and which can lead to better outcomes?  How do we measure outcomes, and what do we do with what we learn from them?  Is “measuring outcomes” just another outcome we chase, or can we reflect and adapt in the light of our learning?  


Who is this course suitable for?  

Anyone working with clients who present with multiple needs. No previous special expertise in mentalization or AMBIT is assumed. 



  • To understand the necessity of learning, and how hard it is to do when the work is fast and demanding 
  • To learn about some of the AMBIT techniques of helping teams to make sense of themselves and remain open to new learning 
  • To create some action plans for where to go next 

System requirements for online training

The online platform Zoom will be used to deliver this training. Prior to booking on, please ensure you meet the system requirements so you're able to join this training. 

Before the training, please test your equipment is working by going to Zoom.us/test and follow the instructions.