About this course

Over the last couple of years, there has been a major increase in teams using the AMBIT approach and some major developments have been taking place in a number of international centres. But AMBIT presents major challenges as to methods of evaluation and the intention is to host a seminar of approximately 25-30 AMBIT clinical leads from across the world to come and discuss methods of evaluating this approach. The meeting will include a number of researchers from UCL including Peter Fonagy, Pasco Fearon, Miranda Wolpert and Julian Childs alongside the AMBIT Project team (Dickon Bevington, Peter Fuggle, Laura Talbot, Liz Cracknell) and the clinical leads from teams in Europe, UK, Australia and the States. The aim of the day will be to share methods of evaluation and to consider developing shared aspects of evaluation so that data could be drawn together from a range of settings. There will be no charge for this event as it is seen as a collaborative event in which the intention is to work together throughout the day around this issue.

Further details about the day will be developed in due course. We anticipate that the day will be an opportunity to share work from different sites and but also to consider research methods that would be helpful to this problem. At this stage we just wanted to send out invitations to see who would be interested to come.  We hope very much that you would be able to join us as it would be a great opportunity for us to meet with you all and hear the work that you are doing.  Please can you get back to Billie to confirm whether you would like to come.