1.5 hours

About this course

This seminar will take place online, and details of how to join will be shared with registrants close to the event.

Please be aware the registration will close at 16:30 for the seminar. Joining instructions will be sent by 17:00, and the seminar will start at 17:30 (GMT+1h).

The presentation slides will be shared after the event.

Lockdown has seen some fascinating developments. There’s been an outpouring of kindness – for support of NHS staff and other key workers – and concern for the health and financial wellbeing of our friends, families and neighbours. But how deep is this? Does this herald a new approach for society? And what does it provide an opportunity to rethink our approach to the earliest years of childhood?

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In this seminar we will look at perinatal mental health and the all-important early years and how by supporting families, particularly those new mothers who experience prolonged distress following childbirth.

We will reflect on how the pandemic has shone a new light on compassion, how we applied it to mothers-to-be and young families in the past, and to look at what the opportunities are to rethinking support in the future.

The seminar will look at compassion-focused therapy and how the compassionate mind can support and nurture parent-infant relationships and how we can build a society in that enables mothers to be kinder to themselves.

After the talk the audience will be invited to contribute their own thoughts on three questions which will be shared and a report will be fed back to them. The three questions will focus on how we embed ‘kindness’ including self-kindness into our support for families and the early years.

  1. How well did in perinatal/early years care address parent, infant and toddler mental health before the lockdown.
  2. What have we learned from the experience of lockdown?
  3. What do we want to change when lockdown is over? (how do we embed ‘Kindness’ in our support)?


  • Chair: Professor Peter Fonagy, Chief Executive at the Anna Freud Centre

  • Speaker: Michelle Cree, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and author of The Compassionate Mind Approach to Post Natal Depression

  • Speaker: Dr Camilla Rosan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Early Years at the Anna Freud Centre


17:30 - 17:40     Introduction - Peter Fonagy 

17:40 - 18:10     Presentation - Michelle Cree 

18:10 - 18:20     Presentation - Dr Camilla Rosan 

18:20 - 18:35     Discussion - Michelle Cree, Camilla Rosan and Peter Fonagy 

18:35 - 18:55     Q&A from audience

18:55 - 19:00     Closing remarks - Peter Fonagy