About this course

Join the AMBIT Programme and guests live and online for the 2020 AMBIT conference, an opportunity to share and learn alongside others who work in AMBIT-influenced ways 

AMBIT has come a long way in the last 15 years and continues to adapt and develop. The AMBIT programme will tell the story of AMBIT’s development from the initial recognition of unmet needs, to the multiple iterative improvements driven by the feedback from teams implementing AMBIT principles and practices in an a broad range of real-world settings, to the current state of AMBIT and possible future directions. 

With opportunities for the types of small group discussion that you would expect from a face-to-face AMBIT event, the conference will examine innovative applications of AMBIT to whole systems, asking delegates to consider how they might influence systems in AMBIT-influenced ways. 


Who is this conference suitable for?  

  • All those who have been trained in AMBIT or who work in an AMBIT-influenced team 
  • Anyone interested in AMBIT 
  • All those from health, social care, youth services, justice and education settings who are interested in offering better help for people who have multiple needs within complex systems 



  • To share the current state of AMBIT; how we got to this point, the impact of the community of practice on model developments, and possible future directions. 
  • To provide a forum for members of the community of practice to come together to share, be curious and learn. 
  • To present innovative system-wide applications of AMBIT and invite delegates to consider how they can influence system change