1.25 hours

About this course

How can we integrate authentic exploration of race and culture within the family and between the therapist, parent(s) and new baby in parent infant psychotherapy? The presenters will consider issues of practice and personal reflections on this, as the movement of Black Lives Matter highlights the complex dynamic of entrenched attitudes and positions, which can adversely influence patient-professional relationships.


This webinar series is part of the trainings offered by the Psychoanalytic Parent Infant Psychotherapy Society (PPIP Society), the Anna Freud Centre’s professional association for psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapists.

Who is this event suitable for?

Practitioners working therapeutically online with infant and parents, with a psychoanalytic orientation.

Aims of the event

Contributing to the professional development of psychoanalytically-informed parent infant psychotherapists, within the current context of remote delivery, CV-19 and Black Lives Matter, through:

  • Presentation of case material and general observations on the implications for practice;
  • Providing a space for reflection and discussion amongst peers.


17:00 – 17:05      Michela Biseo– Introduction

17:05 – 17:20      Coretta  Ogbuagu – Reflection on experience

17:20 – 17:35      Michela Biseo – Reflection on experience

17:35 – 18:15      Discussion with audience

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Further Webinars:

Webinar 1 on 20th July 2020

The first webinar will discuss "Psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapy in Covid times: does the therapeutic focus change when working online

Presenters: Amanda Jones and Tessa Baradon

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Webinar 3 on 13th October 2020

The third webinar will discuss "Fathers and interpersonal changes brought about by Covid in parent infant psychotherapy"

Presenters: Alejandra Perez and Jane Turner

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