16th November 2020


Online (joining instructions will be shared with registrants close to the event)
1 day
09:45 - 16:45 (UK time)



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AFC/UCL current students/ alumni or BABCP Members Fee

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About this course

We are currently refining the structure of this training in an online format and so the times and dates may change slightly. Participants will be notified of any changes with sufficient notice.

This workshop will offer strategies from both DBT and CBT perspectives, that can be used to work with children and young people who have problems with emotional regulation and self-harm.

The workshop will cover

This workshop will provide an understanding of emotional dysregulation and self-harm and strategies to assess and treat such problems.

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The workshop will offer different skills to manage emotions, using experiential and interactive means.

Strategies and skills from the DBT skills groups and CBT techniques to understand the function of self-harm and offer alternatives will be discussed. 

The goals of emotional regulation when working with a young person will be covered, for example, for a young person to become more aware of their emotions, to be able to observe and describe different emotions and think about their functions, to think about the links between emotions, thoughts, physical reactions and behaviour and to become aware of how interventions in these four areas can reverse negative vicious cycles which are causing low mood and emotional dysregulation

Ultimately, the workshop will teach clinicians to help young people better manage difficult and dysregulated emotions, through acceptance and change strategies. 

Who is this workshop suitable for?

Clinicians and therapists who work with children and young people who self-harm and/or have emotional regulation problems; clinical psychologists, counsellors, school counsellors, counselling psychologists, CBT therapists, IAPT practitioners, CAMHS mental health workers and nurse therapists, as well as students and trainees.

This workshop is part of the Centre's CBT masterclass series and will assume a basic understanding of the CBT model.

Aims of the training

  • To further understand self-harm and emotional dysregulation.
  • Emotion regulation strategies from DBT and CBT perspectives.
  • To learn practical tools, through experiential exercises to offer emotional regulation and distress tolerance to young people who self-harm. 


System requirements for online training

The online platform Zoom will be used to deliver this training. Prior to booking on, please ensure you meet the system requirements so you're able to join this training. 

Before the training, please test your equipment is working by going to Zoom.us/test and follow the instructions.