2 days

About this course

We are offering a free two-day training to any Centre staff who would be interested in becoming a consultant in the NIHR funded clinical trials of the Reflective Fostering Programme.

This training is open to any member of staff who has the following:

  • Clinical experience and/or an understanding of clinical work with children in care and work with foster carers;
  • An understanding and strong interest in the field of mentalization-based interventions;
  • A commitment to becoming a Reflective Fostering Consultant in the NIHR clinical trials. This would mean committing to 2 hours per week for a 10-week period to offer consultation to one group in the programme from January 2021 onwards.

The role of a consultant in the RFP involves:

The consultant will be trained in how to look at the short video clips from each group session, selected by the facilitators, and to use a framework to guide them on giving constructive and targeted feedback which will help the facilitators to keep to the programme.  They will make observations, for example, on how the facilitators helped foster carers to notice and name their own thoughts and feelings (mentalize themselves), when they start to lose the ability to reflect on these thoughts and feelings and go into story-telling, and when they keep to the theme of the session. There are many other examples of where the consultant can help the facilitators to stick to the model of the programme, and they will also validate the facilitators experiences of running the group and offer support at difficult times.

Time commitment

The consultants will need to spend 45 minutes each week reviewing the video clips, selected by the facilitators, and one hour speaking to the facilitators via telephone.  The date and time of these consultations will be arranged jointly with the facilitators to be mutually convenient.

Benefits to the consultants

The consultants to the Reflective Fostering Programme will be part of a dynamic team and an exciting programme for foster carers which we hope will eventually be rolled out to many local authorities across the country.  They will be trained by the team at Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families and will help to contribute to further developments to the Reflective Fostering Programme in the future via their feedback.

For further information please contact:

Sheila Redfern (Head of STAMS and clinical lead for Reflective Fostering)

Nick Midgley (Research lead and Clinical Trial Manager for Reflective Fostering)