0.5 day

About this course

This is a half-day course for existing DIT supervisors who would like to refresh their understanding of the model and ensure their supervisees are on model. We are offering this course because you may have completed your initial DIT training some time ago and the understanding of the model has been refined over the past 8 years since it was implemented. You may feel that your supervisee is using concepts from the training that feel unfamiliar to you. You may have fallen into particular habits of DIT that would benefit from being revisited and tightened up. We would expect you to find a lot of the training material familiar and it is also a chance for you to bring your own experiences of working as a DIT supervisor and to identify future training needs.

Aims of course

The workshop will focus on core aspects of the DIT model including:

  • negotiating the IPAF
  • making sense of the attachment questionnaire and linking it to the formulation
  • the defensive function of the IPAF as opposed to the defences
  • the reversal of the IPAF
  • working with the transference in DIT
  • working with affect and mentalising
  • using outcome measures with DIT
  • facilitating supervisees to write up their case studies
  • common pitfalls in supervising DIT
  • using competency ratings in supervision
  • new developments in DIT

Who is this course suitable for?

You will be a qualified DIT supervisor or in the process of becoming a DIT supervisor, having monthly supervision of your supervision.